Best Places to Meet Asian Girls in the US

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Every state of the United States serves as a host to a large population of Asians. Similarly, the rate of interracial relationships and marriages between Asians and Americans is currently at its highest—and it does not show signs of stopping. Asians continue to fascinate Americans with their understated beauty and appeal. As such, this article will reveal the best places to meet Asian girls in the US.

The most popular and common places to meet Asian girls in the US are bars and clubs. Now, there are several clubs scattered across the US where Asian are known to party and socialize. The following are the most popular ones:

People Lounge

People Lounge is a two-floor club where people can chat on the first floor and dance on the second. They mostly serve Asian-influenced menu, which explains the wide array of Asians partying at this lounge during Friday nights. It is located at 163 Allen St of New York City.

R Bar

R Bar is located at 350 E Congress on Herbert Alley of Tucson, Arizona in Texas. It is a favorite among Asian residents in Texas because of the good music during Saturday nights. There are also four dancing poles at the back room for people to dance and party.

Third Floor Café

Third Floor Café showcases Korean-inspired cocktails and meals, but it is during the Happy Hour when Asians take the floor to go wild and party. Reviews say that this lounge is patron to the most beautiful Asians in New York. It is located at 315 5th Ave, New York City.

Korean Town

Moreover, if one wants a club that predominantly has an Asian crowd, then Korean Town is the best option. It is located between 32nd and 35thstreet from 5th Avenue to Broadway.

Online is also a good place to meet Asian girls in the US. Although dating apps such as Tinder are effective for meeting single people, several apps specifically target Americans who want to meet Asian girls. This section will list several examples of good dating apps to meet Asians in the US.


HEYYY! is an Asian dating app where Asian girls from Thailand, China, Philippines, and South Korea sign up for American suitors. Although it is an intercontinental dating app, some of the Asian girls who appear on it live in some of the most Asian-populated states such as Nevada, Florida, and California. However, it has no effective search function to filter results effectively.


Americans who are fans of Thai beauty are lucky to have the ThaiJoop dating app. Although it is more developed in iOS, the developers are working on creating better interface for Android users. It has a relatively simple interface where Americans can search for and chat with single Thai ladies.

Timhop Asian Dating

Timhop Asian Dating is one of the most developed and well-funded Asian dating apps today, and it is available in both iOS and Android users. Americans will have more fun with this app than other dating apps because it has dedicated functions for searching Asian girls from specific Asian countries and filter them according to age, religion, and more. It also offers VIP status for Americans who want to meet the finest Asian girls in the US.

Asian Sex Bang

Asian Sex Bang is a free Asian Sex App that is the #1 finder of Asian Pussy and Asian Porn. With the app you’ll find Asian women to get with Asian ass and Asian tits. This is a great app if you’re looking for an Asian hookup. The signup is free for both iOS and Android.


Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)

Coffee Meets Bagels was featured in a Yahoo! Finance article because of its recent success as a true dating app. Although it is a female-centered app, which focuses on Asian women meeting American bachelors, the latter can also sign in to meet Asian girls. According to most reviews, its unique interface brings an end into endless swiping because the app itself delivers eligible dating candidates right into one’s phone at noontime. Afterwards, users have 24 hours to arrange a date before sending in a new list of candidates.

If bars, clubs, and dating apps do not do well in meeting Asian girls in the US, then perhaps one lives in the wrong state. There are only several states in the US where Asian girls are known to reside. These states include the following:

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is a no-brainer that Americans can meet fine Asian girls in one of the party cities of the US. Approximately 9.4% of the population of Las Vegas are Asians, and the city is known for having three times the national average in terms of Asians dating Americans.

San Jose, California

California hosts a large population of Asians, which is at 32% of the state’s population. It is also one of the major states that are most welcoming of American-Asian relationships. With an Asian population that large, it is impossible for Americans to not meet an Asian they like.

With these two states taking the first and second place, runners-up states where Americans can meet Asian girls are Florida, Hawaii and Washington.


A combination of being at the right place, having the best dating apps, and knowing the best bars and clubs in the US will surely help Americans land on the Asian girl of their dreams. However, Asians are not as easy as other girls, so it is best to have an Asian friend around to do the introductions.