Best places needed to visit in New York

New York

Are you very eager to going to New York? Don’t worry. Your choice is very correct. There are plenty of reasons available to choose New York. You are going to one of the biggest place like big apple, so to avoid the confusion and enjoy the trip. As compared to other cities in United States, this city is very big one. Owing to its rich cultural, it is also called as the cultural capital of the world by many. New York always has the historical places. Being the centre of cultural and manufacturing heritage, New York tour is very popular among the travelers and tourists. In that article the well-known attractive places listed with detailed information.

How to prepare for traveling?

First you should plan about your trip. You should keep your traveling things with you, like dresses, cell phone, bags, safety covers and even dog also. Dogs are like a man who is our friend, so don’t forget to bring your dog with you. One more important is during traveling you must take your medicines depending upon your health. If you want to go to New York means, first you will search related about those places through internet or tourist guide which is very useful for you. Primarily you should take passport, visa through particular consultants. Now you rdeady to go to New York.

Something about New York

New York City is situated at Northeastern united state. It is most populous city in United States. It is one of the Metropolitan cities in United States. There are most popular and attraction places in New York. Now we see about most famous tourist place in your choice of New York.

First place we have to see about Statue of Liberty. The statue of Liberty is located in Liberty Island. It is the gift given by French government to America for their 100th independence. So it is considered as a symbol international friendship and this place is very nice to see. The Statue of Liberty is designed by a young French sculptor, Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi. It height is nearly 46.5 meters. The Statue is made by designer to feel her mother. In left hand the statue holds the tablet and it shows the independence of United States. In right hand the statue having the torch light and it shows enlighten of America. So don’t forget to see this place.

If you want some relief from huge tension for that next we are going to know about the world famous and marvelous building, “EMPIRE STATE BUILDING”. It is the 8th world wonder. This is the ambition of New York human to touch the sky so it is a skyscraper. Nearly more than 300 million people visit that building every year. Empire State Building has currently 73 elevators and one more interesting thing is that the Empire State Building is constructed within one year 45 days. Many films are taken in that place like King-Kong.

Next the famous and attractive place is Central park. Kids and adults always like park very much. The Central park is the famous one in New York. It creates the think like New York is a great place to live. It is situated in center of Manhattan. This park is example of world famous park compare to other and this park consist of lot things like several lakes, theatres, ice rinks, fountains, tennis court, baseball field, and many play ground. It also has the central park zoo and Metropolitan museum art. You can enjoy very much with this place because everyone like park very much but this park is very attractive and also have the many variety fields with. This place ensures your mind for playing and relaxing.

Next don’t forget to see “ELLIS ISLAND”. It is one of the popular place and it has the Immigration museum. Many visitors like to see that museum and it make you to very lovable and also you are not interested to return back from New York.

Tourist cans explore the city by land, air, water. If you want to sight these places by helicopter, the natural attraction of New York makes you feel very happy. Land sight travel also makes you very happy. If you get the chance to ride by monster speed boat, you will surely enjoy the boat ride. It is filled with excitement and fun and you will be very happy.

The list is endless so you are very interest to visit all those places and forget to visit any places. New York is the home of very big building so this city earned the name of skyscrapers. So you people don’t miss the chance of amazing view, this tour gives you the feast to your eyes.

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